Number of Volumes                             2
Number of Issues                             5
Number of Articles                             28
Number of Submissions                             41
Reject Rate                             24
Acceptance Rate                             68
Number of Reviewers                             88
Citation                             176
h-index                             8
i10-index                             8

The Central Asian Journal of Plant Science Innovation under Payam Sarvandishan Saadat Institution licence (registration no: 1824), is a new bimonthly journal of CAS Press that is designed to help the publication of research results and the latest research from plant scientists worldwide to make it accessible to all. This journal covers all plant areas. We publish articles that are the result of the original and standard researches. Articles should also be well written in English. Articles should be sufficiently innovative and the results should be close to the frontiers of knowledge.
The Editorial office hopes that with the help of scientists and researchers, this journal will improve every year and that the journal will achieve its High goals of publishing new findings in plant sciences and innovations.

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Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2022, Pages 1-41 

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