Publication Ethics

Please Note:

It is understood that with the submission of this article, the authors have complied with the institutional policies governing the humane and ethical treatment of the experimental subjects and that they are willing to share the original data and materials if so requested.

• Submitted manuscripts should be the original works of the author(s). Using other authors' thoughts or work without authorization and representing that author's work as one's own is not accepted and considered a severe non-ethical academic issue. 

• In all conditions, authors are advised to check for plagiarism using a known standard program before sending final corrected articles to avoid rejection when reviewed later on by this journal to detect potential plagiarism. 

• Authors must ensure that they have typed entirely original participations. If an author has used others' work and words, it is necessary to indicate the source of information within his paper using an internal citation. 

• Authors must not submit a manuscript to more than one journal at the same time.

• Fabrication, manipulation, or falsification of data are strongly unaccepted and inserted in the blacklist, and reports will send to his/her academic center.

• Authors must use only relevant citations to their manuscripts. Irrelevant references to the work, either own or of others, is unaccepted. 

• The Central Asian Journal of Plant Science Innovation require all authors to follow the International ethical standards as prescribed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


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